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In our complicated world, many think there's little we can do to change anything.  Can one person really make a difference? At CUMC, we believe that each of us has time and talents --  and we are called to give thanks for that. We are called to use them to help others in whatever ways we can!  So, what are you thankful for?  And how can you help others with your time and talents?  Come journey with us and find out.


Drive-Thru Food Collection

Just about every month, we organize a food drive where donations are given to Cranford Family Care and St. Joseph's Social Services, as needed. 

People drive into our parking lot, pop their trunks and volunteers remove the bags of groceries,

no contact needed! 

If you'd like to help out or learn more, contact Sue Green or just show up in the parking lot at

10 am on the day of the event.

Photo Credit: Paul Lachenauer, courtesy of the Westfield Leader.

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Little Free Pantry

Supporting our neighbors is something about which we are passionate. Our Little Free Pantry in our parking lot has been a very active, yet discreet way to support each other in times of need with nonperishable food items.


You can drop off food or take what you need, anytime 24/7.


Special thanks to Eagle Scout Josh Schwartz who designed and built this awesome pantry!

Good Samaritan
Sandwich-Making Events

Pre-pandemic, we held events on Sunday mornings at which time parents and kids came to make sandwiches for families in need. We'd like to get this started again. We're building a team to buy bread, handle set up, clean up and delivery of the sandwiches. This is a great activity to do with your kids and grandkids.


If you'd like to help, contact Sue Green.

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