Foundations is an exciting new program designed specifically for children and preteens as they learn the joy that comes from connecting with God and others in community!  It will take place every Sunday at 10:30am except for the first Sunday in the month, when we encourage our participants to experience communion with their parents or guardians, and combined services (any fifth Sunday in a month).

Foundations will meet in room 8 in Randolph Hall and will feature all the elements of a "normal" church service - music and praise, reading from the Bible, a message, prayer, and an offering.  It will also feature the chance for participants to directly engage with the reading and message - and each other - through small group discussion led by a guide.  The readings and message will follow along with Pastor Cameron's readings and messages in the adult services, so discussion with your child after Foundations is over is strongly encouraged!  The most influential aspect of a child's faith development is not a flashy service, caring teacher, or an engaging lesson but YOU, their parents.  Your child will go home with a "Take Home" each week that will provide you with some suggestions for how to start the conversation.

For our records and your peace of mind, we ask that you please register your child for Foundations.  The program is free of charge, but this way we will have a way to contact you in case of an emergency and we will have enough supplies for all.  For a copy of the form, please click here.

You can see a schedule for the Foundations service here.