Confirmation at CUMC

Confirmation is a program we offer for those 7th grade and up who are looking to learn more about the Methodist church.  We cover the central tenants and beliefs of Methodism (the nature of God, stages of grace, the Wesleyan quadrilateral, etc) and then some specifics about our church and how to fully engage within our church community and beyond.

We require each Confirmand get to know the members of the church, perform service hours, learn about other faiths, and then produce their own statement of belief.  We also encourage the Confirmands to participate in the L.O.F.T. group as a transition into small groups.

If you have a child of Comfirmation age, please reach out to the church office to let us know about your interest!

Cranford UMC | 201 Lincoln Ave. E. Cranford, NJ 07016

(908)-276-0936 |

Church office open Mon-Fri. 9AM-12PM