What is Community Time?


Community time is a way for us to come together as a single church community, even though we worship in two very distinct styles. There are opportunities to have a light breakfast and catch up with or meet new people.  There is a weekly Bible Study for Adults.  There is Sunday School for Kindergarden-H.S. students.  Occassionally, we will have Pancake Breakfasts as a church community during this time.  On 5th Sundays, there is no Community Time since we are all already together in a combined service!  These special Sundays will be publicized ahead of time.  


Community Time - 9:45AM-10:25AM
  • Coffee Hour available in Randolph Hall.  
  • Adult Bible Study is available in Room 2 or outside at the picnic table.
  • Sunday School takes place during the school year.
  • Nursery Care available.  
  • Occasionally, bigger, publicized events will take place during this time.